Editor / Curator – Brian Wong

For over 20 years, Brian tells stories of people and about the community as a journalist, a curator, and a marketer. His works always take him to explore, to connect, and to feel the pulse of Calgary. Brian has called Calgary home since mid-90s, his broadcasting works have made appearances on OMNI Television, Calgary Flames TV, CBC Radio, Fairchild Radio & Fairchild TV, Calgary Chinatown & Crescent Heights BIAs, Calgary Public Library, and Kerby Centre etc.

Chinatown is a concept. It is more than just a district. In the ever-evolving world, this concept embodies the spirit of getting things done, having the mindset to overcome obstacles time after time. This concept should continue to activate maker spaces, to ignite potentials of arts and culture, to bring people together, to share the energy and positive vibes to make our community a better place. Life In Chinatown is a mentality, the one to find hidden gems and amazing people’s stories.

Brian Wong

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